Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017, Steve Overton


As I type, we are en route to Maine for the weekend. Apparently, so is everyone else in New England. :( On the upside, the drive has given me the opportunity to finish the puzzle and write the review so that when we arrive I can get right down to the serious business of drinking. And, speaking of drinking, it seemed to me that there was a mini drinking theme among today's clues and answers, including 23A. Small drinks (NIPS), 46A. Seltzer, e.g. (MIXER), e.g.), and 23D. Chase with a drink (WASHDOWN). I noticed what I thought were a couple of other mini themes, as well, that is assuming three or more related answers make a mini theme.

Cars: DASHCAM (1A. B+ fine word, I just don't take a dash cam), ELANTRA, and, appropriately (sadly), SNARLS

I really enjoyed a number of clue/answer pairs in this puzzle.
29A. Unit of brilliance? (CARAT)
45A. Long-distance call? (YODEL)
11D. Mass number (AVEMARIA) - Ha!
28D. Markers (CHITS) - I love this word.
But my vote for most clever clue goes to 41A. Really long (ACHE). Beautiful.

My list of dislikes is short:
Apple apparatus (CORER) - I found it kind of unapeeling. :)



  1. 14:32 (FWOE) which was a typo. I put in EMOTw. This is not a word by anybody's imagination, and I would have noticed if I wasn't moving quickly on to PERFECTO. Ironically speaking...

    You missed the minitheme of SHAGUAR and DREVIL! My favorite is YOUROTHERLEFT, by far. Excellent stuff. Too bad AWAYONHOLIDAY is so bland.

    Fun puzzle.

    1. I had SHAGUAR and DREVIL at first, but I decided two was too few to constitute a mini theme.

  2. 28:27
    METARZAN is great, too. We didn't hit any SNARLS on the way up, but we left the YBH at 10:45 AM, so none were expected. SHEILA is also nice, but SINEW not so much. I also enjoyed HEFTS (4D Weighs, in a way). The "D" of UNODOS/TRES was my final entry; excellent cluing, IMO. As to Colum's minitheme suggestion, it's too bad that instead of FEMININE, we couldn't have "fembots" in there.