Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017, Tom McCoy

Advice to Writers

35:22, FWOE - I had SeA for SPA at 42A at first and didn't check 43D. :(

I enjoyed this puzzle. It has that nice clue-to-answer precision that suits me. I thought COMPASS at 1A was a solid start for a Sunday puzzle. 1D was even better: CAN for Give the ax. Classic! :)

The theme, though a little obvious, entertained me. My favorite theme answer was NOSENTENCEFRAGMENTS. An error I will do my best to avoid in today's review. I chuckled when I realized 104A was AVOIDREDUNDANCY after I had already completed its duplicate at 116A. I was a little unhappy with 33A because I wasn't sure if Jungian inner self was ANIMe or ANIMA, and the unPOOFed cross was no help there. Luckily, I guessed correctly. Anywhooo, I don't want to complain too much because this puzzle WORMED its way into my AORTAL.

I loved 63 down, It's mined, all mined! both for itself and as a nice twist on an oft-seen answer (ORE), and, possibly, as a commentary on the bleak state of the earth's natural resources. Too much? :)

Other PET answers:
8A. One not acting alone (COSTAR) - clever.
62A. Band aids (AMPS) - nice twist.
82A. Flew off the handle (LOSTIT) - we've all been there.
32D. Anticipatory days (EVES) - interesting clue for this one.
103D. Gently towel (PATDRY) - apt!
117D. Mike's confectionery partner (IKE) - Ha!
And how about the William Carlos William wheelbarrow reference at 119D (RED). Coincidence, or are Messrs. McCoy and Shortz reading this blog?!?!?

I imagine Huygens enjoyed 53D. Like a good proof (SOUND). And
Horace might be pleased to learn that I dropped in UTAH at 55A like a Geography Bee champion.

In a puzzle this large, we can't expect every answer to be a HOLEINONE. We RESEED some old friends from the crosswordese CANON like ODE, OER, OCA, and the aforementioned ORE, in addition to a fair number of abbreviations, but overall, I really LEICA'd this one.



  1. Hey, Frannie, I am happy to hear it! It took me ages to understand that clue. I kept thinking, there is no word for something that is in a hexagonal state, it's just a hexagon! Silly me.

    This had me chuckling all the way through. I'm liking this McCoy, fellow!

  2. Very much liked this Sunday puzzle. Major thumbs up from me, although I saw from other blogs that all the pieces of advice had been previously stated by William Safire in the same form essentially. Doesn't look like Tom McCoy knew that though, so fine by me.

  3. 33:44 (FWOE)
    ANIMA/POOFREADCARFULY because I, too, was unsure of ANIMA and chose the "e" since it would fit with the theme answer fine. Yes, I enjoyed SOUND very much, and also TETRA; even though it's a prefix it was clued nicely and isn't seen as often as some others. MADEFORTV is great, and I enjoyed the PACMAN clue, too. Fun Sunday puzzle.