Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017, John Guzetta


Today's theme is personally apt - APT! Horace and I are going to see a baseball game tonight. I'm hoping that most of the WHIFFSOFSCANDAL, or otherwise, fall to the visiting team's lot, but in sports, there ARNO real guarantees. We'll see which team will GODOWNSWINGING.

The energy of the theme answers is supported by quite a bit of punchy fill like SPEWCHAOSDIRKSTYEWORF, and STAN (kidding about that last one). We also seem to have a Huygensesque mini theme going on with SPANKKINKY, and, dare I say, ANAL? He might also enjoy SOL and PREALGEBRA, if he's not too mad that there is a thing called PREALGEBRA.

NOLE (Florida State athlete, maybe) and SEGO (State flower of Utah) were not this FAN's FAVORITEs, but it's FEIN.



  1. 3:43
    Very straightforward puzzle. Not much to add to above, except to wax rhapsodic about ARNO. Here I go, a-waxin away.

  2. Oh this one had several things which I knew and was slightly surprised at knowing, like PACA and that AMICI is the plural of amicus (and if memory serves, lawyers really do use AMICI rather than it being one of those "words" only found in dictionaries and the like). Pretty sure I've seen a PACA at a zoo, although that would have been a while ago.

    What else? Liked HIPPO. Evidently I have animals on the brain today. Oh and ROSEGOLD which isn't an animal but which I never would have heard of except for that silly Apple watch.

  3. 9:14
    I, of course, would have preferred precalculus, but PREALGEBRA is, I guess, OK. However, isn't that just all of basic math? SOL I knew immediately, as I follow Mars news closely. Loved the mini-theme, and the boldness of Frannie calling it out in the above review! It's a WHIFFOFSCANDAL that SUITs me; a real FANFAVORITE. As a side note, one of my employees was at the game on Tuesday, too! He's taking today (Wednesday) off because of the late night.