Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018, David Steinberg


It's an amusing start to today's puzzle, where 1A: Ready to explode (SEETHING) crosses 1D: Hallucinate (SEETHINGS). Mr. Steinberg, you're playing around with the limits of duplication in a grid!

Beyond that, this is a very well constructed grid. The two 13-letter answers are both great, with my favorite being ICANTAKEAHINT. The two 15-letter down answers are also strong. I prefer 12D: What 90% of American households had in 2010 - but fewer have today (CABLETELEVISION), for the fun clue.

On the whole, there are fewer clever clues than I've come to expect in a Steinberg creation. The two clues for sports organizations get there: 31A: Wild grp. (NHL) didn't fool me for a second. I was actually glad for it, because I'd entered "grandjete" at 2D: Showy ballet leap (ENTRECHAT). The other, 63D: Houston is in it, but Dallas isn't, briefly (AFC), is fine.
DeShaun Watson plays for the Houston Texans
The funny set of black squares in the middle of the puzzle create a lot of 3-letter answers, odd for a themeless puzzle. But the only answer I was hardly ENTRANCEd by was 26A: Smooth talker's quality (PATNESS). Hmm. I have never heard this word before. When I google this, I find that it means "the quality of being pat: aptness, opportuneness, suitability." Those qualities don't seem like ones I associated with a smooth talker.

That being said, I like that "pat" is an anagram of "apt." Apt!

I think I'd like to spend some BEERMONEY now.

- Colum


  1. PATNESS is a slippery word. I think people sometimes use it to mean "glib," which is, itself, a slippery word.

    I loved the SEETHING/SEETHINGS cross, and really, the puzzle on the whole smacks of professionalism. Steinberg, despite whatever small faults I may find (or create), is well on his way to being a master crossword constructor.

    p.s. I'm happy to be one of the ten percent that never had CABLETELEVISION!

  2. 32:57
    The "T" in PATNESS was my final entry, as I'd never heard of that, but AVANTI was in the back of my mind somewhere. I enjoyed the long downs, ETHICALDILEMMAS and CABLETELEVISION, which I had and still have, though the most stripped down version possible at around $17 a month or so. RABBLE is an excellent word (I tried jumBLE first). STONER (47D One getting hit after hit?) is great.