Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018, David Woolf


In today's puzzle, we get an i for an i. The first word of each two-word answer ends with an i while the second word begins with an i, resulting in EYECONTACT. To wit, my favorite, SETIINSTITUTE.

This puzzle doesn't only have i's for us. I noticed a nice round number of o's in the grid, too: LOIRE, ELMO, IGLOOS, BLOT, COM, WOMB, MOOS, ASTRO, SON, ONO, SMOOTH, COOER, and ESSO, to name just a few.

Lens not forget the rest of the puzzle. I enjoyed "Became lenient" (WENTSOFT), Stabilizing part of a ship's compass (GIMBAL - you don't see *that* every Monday), the now-rare-but-formerly-everywhere ETUI (Needle case), TITO (Remember Hot Shots!?), and the difficult (for me) to parse NOWISER (Still uniformed). Apt!

One entry does get the stink eye. We generally call the upper half of a bikini a top, not a BRA. That's just the REALTY of it.



  1. Egad! There was an ETUI in the puzzle and I didn't even notice until I got here (must have gotten it from crosses).

    Which is my excuse to tell my favorite etui story yet again (apologies to those who have heard it before). I was flying to the ACPT one year, and walking through the terminal at San Francisco. Now, this airport has a "museum" which in this case means display cases that I was walking past, and in this instance they contained sewing supplies, machines, and the like through the ages. Imagine my thrill when I saw several etuis. Rather fancy ones, might even have been jeweled, but the point is that it was on the way to the ACPT. And I had never seen one in person until then.

  2. 4:10
    I wondered whether the revealer should have been "see eye to eye". But EYECONTACT is very good too. A bit too much junk for my taste, but I very much liked the theme.

  3. 6:48
    SETIINSTITUTE is also my favorite, despite the fact that the chances of discovering evidence of alien civilizations is slim. I was able to MUSCLE through this puzzle fairly SMOOTHly. I REFUSE to enjoy answers like SLICER, I can ASSURE you, but for once, I knew all of the proper names: LISA, TYRA, RENE, RIDLEY, BIL, YAO, ELMO, ALOU, ONO, SIMONE, TITO and OTTO. And I was glad to see that at least one of the abbreviations (LEM) is excellent. I knew we were off to a good start with LEWD.

  4. 5:43
    Felt kind of hard for a Monday, but obviously not that bad. I agree with the favorite of many here, and I also like SKIINSTRUCTOR, but can we also all agree that ANTIIMMIGRATION is the worst?