Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018, Bruce Haight


Who doesn't love an underwear-themed puzzle? No one, that's who. As a longtime disc golfer and ultimate player, I ought to like DISCJOCKEYS (24A: Underwear for Frisbee enthusiasts?) the best, and it's not bad, but AMATEURBOXERS (34A: Underwear for beginners?) is my favorite. I've never really understood the idea of a "training bra," but if we're going to have the one, I think it would be nice if AMATEURBOXERS actually existed too, to even the playing field a bit.
There are quite a few SOLIDS in the fill, including ORGANISM (3D: Any living thing), AMRADIO (42D: It goes from about 540 to 1700), NOODLE (43D: Casserole bit), and REFEREES (37D: Whistle blowers). There are quite a few colloquialisms - WHOA (23D: "Stop right there!"), TOLDYA (12D: "See, I was right!"), HUMPH (32D: "Well, I never!"), AAH (56D: "How relaxing!"), and EWW (50A: "Gross!"), for example, and just a few entries ITD be better to ignore, like ILIAC, IDI, OTS, and INANER.

Frannie and I are driving around Europe this week, and going through ANTWERP is never all that fun. Still, as I said, we're driving around Europe this week, so I guess I can't really complain too loudly. :)

Overall, this was a fun Monday. I always appreciate a mini drinking theme: SHOTS, TIPSY, ALE, and THIRST ("They talk of my drinking, but never my THIRST...), and speaking of that, it's time to get in the car and head down into the Armagnac region!

See you tomorrow.

- Horace


  1. Thanks Horace,
    It's nice to have you touring Europe so your blog comes out in the morning- learn French and stay over there! Bruce

  2. 4:04
    Nice work Dr. Haight! And very nice review Horace. I got slowed a few seconds at the crossing of ANTWERP and HUMPH. Which is what I say to your complaining about being in Europe.

  3. Yes. I agree that it is so nice to have your blog early. I am a new follower and enjoy your comments. My name is Emily but I am called anonymous because I can’t figure out how to sign my comment with my name. Have a lovely time in Europe!

    1. I guess I did figure out how to sign my name!

  4. 5:33
    I love a mini-drinking theme (could RUDDY be included?), too, and knew we were in for a nice Monday when SHOTS went in at 1A! No real slowdowns for me on this one. Being a long-time reader of this blog, I've become accustomed to the various timings of the posts: Colum later in the day; Horace generally earlier; Frannie a mixture.