Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday, June 25, 2018, Kathy Wienberg


As hinted by the revealer, a solver could ADDTOCART the beginnings of today's four theme answers (TEAGARDEN, SHOPPINGLIST, GOLFTOURNAMENTS, and APPLESTRUDEL), which could, perhaps, more succinctly summarized as types of carts. :)

The non-theme fill runs the gamut from FIFI (Classic name for a poodle) to STAN Lee of Marvel Comics. The two long downs, CARPIPANTS and SOLARPANEL both nicely evoke warmer weather. As does OUZO, at least for me, because I first tasted it during a trip to Greece in my youth - my drinking-age-appropriate youth, naturally. I was amused by 7D. Acquire a winter coat? (ICEUP) and I enjoyed 67A. "Hold the ___" (deli order) (MAYO) because it reminded me of an excellent bit from the movie Airplane!, which, incidentally, as you probably all remember, included a nod to the movie "JAWS" (yesterday's puzzle theme) in the opening credits. But, my favorite clue/answer pair today was 54D. "Speed reader" (RADAR). Ha!


I liked the apt clue and answer pairs throughout this puzzle. My only PEEVE was MIFFS for "Rubs the wrong way," which ruffled my feathers a little.



  1. This was quite a good puzzle. I mean, we got OUZO (which was the topic of endless discussion in my teen years, as are so many bad cheap spirits from far away), ICEUP (off the beaten path and with a fun clue), SEAPLANE, and others.

    What is trite or just questionable? Well, OHM, GTOS for trite, FIFI for questionable (although maybe I give it a pass for not being overused), and ANON for both. As cruft goes, this isn't too bad.

    And we get things like ZOOS, UNAGI, and SOLARPANEL.

    My time? 9:23 which is typicalish for me except for the minute (or whatever it was) finding my typo on eNAGI (or iNAGI or whatever I had) and then correcting that and getting the success ding.

  2. 6:19
    OK, but not great, time for a Monday for me. I liked that HEATH was clued as it was (16A Tract of low-growing shrubs). FINESSE crossing SNAFU is nice, in a way. And we certainly don't see PASTEUR too often, especially on a Monday. As everyone knows, I'm a fan of the SOLARPANEL, owning 31 of them (the large ones, that is) at present. We own many smaller ones on various yard items.