Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018, Peter Gordon


I don't want to come off as hamhanded, but this was a well-done theme. It was only after I finished the puzzle and tried to come up with other examples of the pattern [food-body part-ed] that I realized that 23D: Drunk (PIEEYED) was a theme answer as well. Very nicely done.

I'm also pleased at the lack of a revealer. A theme like this one stands on its own.

Can anybody come up with other examples of the pattern?

Meanwhile, what's not to like about SIBELIUS right off the bat? I also liked LORELEI and GONERIL as examples of unusual names.

There was minitheme around birthing, 14A: Person handing out chocolate cigars, maybe (PROUDPAPA) and 41D: Person whose inner child has been released? (MOTHER) - hah! Offsetting that (and likely offsetting to some people's sensitivities), we get LEERING and LECHEROUS.

The winner of the day for most out there clue comes at 46A: Expert in calculus: Abbr. (DDS). See, calculus is another term for dental plaque. That was a tough one.

In the end, though, the one thing that I know I like to be is BLTS-mouthed.

- Colum


  1. 11:17
    Yes, the DDS was a surprise. The crosswordese has its best clue ever. Of course, I wanted a math-themed answer, but I couldn't think of a country in the former USSR that started with mOV, so SOV would have to do! Great theme, and I actually looked back over the puzzle once finished (since it was on paper), so I could drink the theme in for a change. PIEEYED and MUTTONHEADED are the two top themers for me, and SIBELIUS was my first entry. BUDAPEST was nice, as well as the unusual proper names mentioned by Horace. LECHEROUS is awesome.

    1. Oh, I noticed that. I think it was because Colum called out PIEEYED and LECHEROUS that it flipped in my mind.

  2. 7:52

    Hey, I didn't notice that PIEEYED was a themer either! Nice.

    Let's see,... I suppose there's "hawk-eyed," but that seems a little different, since we don't normally eat hawks.

    Loved the clues for MOTHER and LORELEI. Especially mother. I'm putting that on the list.

    Also, is there any such thing as ANTIART? Isn't it really just something that people who are anti-art say? Hah!