Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saturday, June 30, 2018, Andy Kravis

44:30 FWOE

I flailed at the cross between 3D. Really Trounce and 32A. Director of 2018's "A Wrinkle in Time." I didn't know Ms. Duvernay's first name (AVADUVERNAY), and, even though I had all but one letter filled in at 3D (EATALI_E), I could not properly parse it. I kept asking myself, eat a what? Running the alphabet didn't help, although it is just barely possible that I didn't give the end of the last five letters their full due. I blame the heat.

Despite my momentary lack of ACUITY, I thought it was a solid Saturday solve. I got some entries right away, including the northwest corner, which, on second thought, was perhaps not to my advantage, but made me feel like I was getting somewhere. But then things like "German wine made from late-harvest grapes (SPATLESE), which I've never heard of, and "Churro ingredient? (ROLLEDR) one of those spelling-referential clues which always trick me, provided some good challenges.

The south west contained some of my least favorite across answers; I dislike the word LOGY - it just sounds gross to me - and I couldn't get EXCITED about ORSNBA, or SSW. On the other hand, I love ADORBS and JIGSAW puzzles. INALL, I thought


I've never heard the term BROTOX, but I thought it was funny. I am often amused by names for "male" versions of things thought to be typically associated with females, like murse and manziere. I thought the clue "Bar food?" for GRANOLA was clever.  I also liked DWELLCONSTANTINE, and BYJOVE. INALL, I thought ARCHRIVAL for "Primary competitor" was APTEST.


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  1. 22:06
    This one flew along for me, and the answers just FELLIN. I don't think I've ever heard WARACE, but the crosses were fine We all get EXCITED about a PRISM and Citizen KANE, BYJOVE. I thought the clue for FELONS (39D Penmen?) could have done without the question mark. You really should try a SPATLESE some time, but you've got to spend the bucks for a good one.