Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday, September 17, 2018, Caitlin Reid


No need to FISH for compliments, Ms. Reid! This is a fine Monday puzzle, with which I could find little FAULT.

I enjoyed the hidden fishing theme, mostly because I didn't see it until I was finished. The best kind of hidden theme, in my humble opinion. All four theme answers are solid in their own right, with FIDGETSPINNER amusingly suddenly passé. I, for one, not so familiar with the rod and the reel, did not recognize the spinner as being part of fishing tackle. But that's on me.

Meanwhile, the excellent SAUERKRAUT, which anyone enjoys on a hot dog (or really on most anything, if you're Horace, I believe) and the esteemed Mr. GANDOLFINI help anchor the puzzle. I also liked POTHOLES crossing PITS.

26D: Anchorage's home (ALASKA) is a mild hidden capital. Also undoing what might be a small amount of less than stellar fill is the inclusion of both POS and NEG.

Sure, I'm not a fan of MEDO (the answer or the original song, which is hardly the best example of The Beatles' work), but these are small prices to pay.

- Colum


  1. 4:14
    It's true, Frannie and I are big into the SAUERKRAUT. I've been making my own for several years, and finally, after seeing Sandor Katz speak (while making SAUERKRAUT) at Harvard last year, mine are starting to seem like the real thing.

    I liked this one too, even though I haven't thrown a line since I was a teenager. Perhaps I'll go back to it one day... if there are any fish left by then.

  2. Ooh, nice point about Anchorage's home being a hidden capitol, because "harbor" also fits that clue and is the same number of letters.

    I guess I don't have an opinion about whether Love Me Do is good or bad, but it is catchy, and I always enjoy a clue which gets me singing in an effort to remember the lyrics well enough to fill in the answer.