Sunday, September 2, 2018

Monday, September 3, 2018, Trent H. Evans


The progression today changes from sitting, to standing, to walking, to running, and once running, the CHASE goes on with NOEND in sight. I don't actually think that 1-Across and 65-Across are part of the theme, but they kind of go along with it if you open your mind a bit. YIPES!, I'm not getting all "Show me your AURA, BRO," I'm just saying that a reviewer MAKESDO with the material that s/he is given. GEESE! :)


Seriously, though, the theme is solid. All the phrases are completely quotidian (in the good way), and the progression is strong. Sure, I started writing in RUNNINGgag, but when I saw I was going to have one square left I changed it right away.

Another thing is that the theme is not overdone, which gives some LEA-way for a few excellent Downs: AWKWARDAGE (11D: Middle school years, notably), ARROWHEADS (28D: Images on Kansas City Chiefs' helmets), and PARAGON (43D: Model of excellence). There's a DAB of AAS, OSS, ARI, RIC, and UKE, but it's not overwhelming.

I'd say it's a very nice debut puzzle (Congratulations, Mr. Evans!), and a solid start to the week.

Happy Labor Day to all!

- Horace


  1. 3:22
    Fun and straightforward. AWKWARDAGE is very good, and even better if you think of it as a collective noun of socially difficult situations. "All that awkwardage was pretty annoying, am I right, ladies?"

  2. Once I had SITTI------ I was thinking SITTINGbUll, but I read the clue and was like, OK, SITTINGDUCK. Amd I'm all for awkwardage as a noun: "The awkwardage at the family reunion was confined to a few incidents, surprisingly enough".

    In defense of (some) short answers I'm going to saw i liked WAR and PAW and OIL.