Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday, September 15, 2018, David Liben-Nowell

around 23:00

A challenging end to the Turn today, pinned together with two grid-spanners and two tens: SAMESEXMARRIAGE (17A: Equal rights subject), SELFDRIVINGCARS (56A: Auto-mated things?), CLEANSLATE (30D: New Year, metaphorically), and MIMEOGRAPH (Reproductive system?). Two very timely, one perfectly fine, and one that, while all warm and nostalgic-y for me, I can imagine that some people might complain that it's a bit out-dated. ININK for "Permanently" might fall into that same category.

I liked the trivia in USSTEEL (5D: Company whose headquarters were built from its own product), and it's funny how it's kind of a homonym of its neighbor STEALS (6D: Unbelievable bargains). Other fine entries include PIPSQUEAK (39A: Squirt), EYELASH (24D: Narrow margin) and PARIAHS (10D: Lepers).

It got very college-y up in the NW with CAMPUSMAP and OHIOSTATE, not to mention SCH in the mid west.

Horace and I have been trying to get this review done while hanging out with friends this weekend. They also want us to TAKESTEPS to the beach. One friend asked what we could possibly write about the puzzle, "there are letters, there are squares." MEOW. With all the questions they keep AXING, it's very difficult to focus. I think we should SPLIT.

~Frannie (& Horace)

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  1. 11:07 (FWOE, completed with my mother)
    Oh, it's not so hard to write a single blog about the crossword puzzle. Try doing it for nearly six years!

    I had put Penne in at 10A: Order at an osteria (PASTA) and changed three of the four mistaken letters, but not the first E. Oops.

    Didn't like OVINES, but that's just my ovinion.