Saturday, April 13, 2019

Saturday, April 13, 2019, Debbie Ellerin


How about that for a beautiful time?! Numerically and visually, of course, not so much solvally. Lovely as it is, though, it's a bit of an artificial result. I got stuck in the north east at the cross between 11D: "Suitor" (BEAU) and 22A: "Actress Aduba of 'Orange is the New Black'" (UZO). I spent at least 3 minutes running the alphabet for that one square, telling myself it had to be a vowel, but yet somehow still skipping over "u" each time. I don't know why, but I frequently have trouble with words multi-vowel runs in puzzles. Anyhoo, Horace and I ended up discussing the situation, as that section was giving him a LADLE trouble, too, and he revealed the missing letter to me. So, in short, it should say DNF up there at the top, but the time was so perfectly lovely on its own, if something of a sham, I decided to not to mess it up with a fess up up there.

The Good:
Country singer with a cityish name (URBAN)
Doesn't look too well? (OGLES)
U people? (PROFS)
Hula hoop? (LEI)
[I'm still here, you know] (AHEM)

The Bad:
BUSHWA, ENNUI, GREENGOBLIN, EVILQUEEN, NERO, and, presumably, because he opposed Rocky, IVAN (Drago).


And the UGLI. Ha!



  1. 6:19
    The only hangup I had here was when I put MOBIle in for MOBIUS. Otherwise everything was in my wheelhouse, from GREENGOBLIN to ONEAL to APGAR.

  2. 26:42
    Nice times up there! I thought that I SEABREEZE-d right through this one, but I guess not, at least relatively speaking. SNOTS was surprising, and although DELIMEATS is crossed by KALE, it's unlikely that someone that eats one would take the other. TRANSYLVANIA is nice for ALONG answer.