Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wednesday, April 17, 2019, Alison Ohringer and Erik Agard


Gosh, seems like I might be the only one around here who doesn't take a tapioca. But that's okay, because today, we get to FIXBREAKFAST, the best and most important meal of the day!

I am still chuckling at this theme. The revealer, coming at 38A, rephrased like a plaintive question, is just too absurd. Meanwhile, around the grid are scattered unappealing ruined breakfast foods. Although I will admit that I don't take an apple with my breakfast, but each of the other things are not unknown on my morning table.

The remainder of the puzzle I also enjoyed. I mean, sure, there's your ETTA and ETTU in the same grid, and that's not ideal. But who doesn't enjoy the blandly nonspecific clue at 42A: Chest coverer (BRA)? Or 37D: Sound of failure (PFFT)?

I also very much liked 55D: It gets bigger in the dark (PUPIL). So many potential ways to go wrong with that one. OOPSY!

So many good clues. How about 36D: Roll with a hole (BAGEL). Just that little extra touch of whimsy can make a puzzle so much better.

Anyway, I just liked the puzzle, so if you have a problem with AEON or ANIMES, I just call that crying over SPOILEDMILK.

- Colum


  1. 7:57 (paper)

    Thanks for chiming in, DWL!

    Agree about the humorous, absurd theme. And about the apple. Too bad he couldn't work in "rotten banana."

    And I'll add to the whimsical clues "Measurement that might be a lot?" (ACRE) and "Rhyming opposite of break" (MAKE). Nice! I've never met a woman named ARIA, though...

  2. 9:22
    I thought the ARIA was odd, too, as I've never heard of a woman so-named. I break ranks, though, as I'll take an apple at any time during the day. BRA was surprising, and LOO was nicely and succinctly clued (29A W.C.). And I always enjoy an "AEON Flux" movie, mostly because I'm enamored of the star and enjoy sci-fi in general. Sue would enjoy the clue and answer at 41D Ingredient in a melt (TUNAFISH). Fun enough puzzle, and I don't have any real complaints.