Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday, August 2, 2019, Andrew J. Ries


Okay, I would have loved this puzzle for so many reasons, not the least of which are the set of three outstanding long down answers in the middle, with all their Zs and Xs. But really, this puzzle got me with one clue, which is probably my favorite of the year, and will be forthwith added to the list of great clues.

It comes at 36A: Character raised in "Rosemary's Baby." Was it going to be the Antichrist? I had an A to begin the answer. Or maybe it was the actual name of the eponymous baby? Actually, that was Adrian Woodhouse. No, instead the answer is APOSTROPHE - literally, the character in the title that is above the line. That's brilliant.

Other good clues include 13A: Locks that might not be totally secure? (TOUPEES) and 22A: Important thing to know, if you will (ESTATELAW). I had there, but had to take it out after getting TAXEVASION.

How about the pair of clues at 16A: Put on the line, perhaps (AIRDRIED) and at 34A: Put on the line (WAGERED)? Frannie mentioned this past week how crosswords encourage us to see just how malleable the English language is. This is a great example.

STEGOSAURUS (always one of my favorite of the -saurs, after triceratops), THEMUSICMAN, DELUXEPIZZA. So much goodness.

Very little made me OPINE for better days. SYR, ATA, BUR. These are small prices to pay for the wonder of the rest. And even little old GNU gets a great clue, in 49D: Animal that doesn't have a sound coming out of its head?


- Colum

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  1. 16:37
    I was shocked when I entered MEZZANINE and BUZZARDS, one over the other. DOROTHY was nicely clued and really, the whole puzzle is excellent. I briefly entered THEMagICMAN but changed it quickly when I entered GUNS as a cross. PAPAW is not a fruit with which I am terribly familiar, but who doesn't love a MURSE (I don't own one) or a NUDE? Nice job on this one, and great-looking grid.