Saturday, August 10, 2019

Saturday, August 10, 2019, Erik Agard and Anna Gundlach

Well, the last clue made me laugh out loud. "Start of an anti-coal petition" (DEARSANTA). Hah! It’s a great clue to cap off a fun Saturday puzzle.
I broke in with AVA, MEDIC (I briefly had imhIt), and MUTT, which led to STEADICAM and MAIA, and I was off and running. 

I liked learning the term TURNT (Drunk, in modern slang), and might get to put it to use this very week, as today is the start of my family vacation! And speaking of that, “Wine lover’s favorite team” is a very nice clue for REDS. Furthermore, it’s possible we’ll buy a couple PECS of steamers this week, too. I could go on and on linking answers to my vacation… I have a couple of DIY projects lined up, and I am hoping for PAX between family members, otherwise the STRESS will age me terribly! 
Lots of good clues like “What you can take that I can’t?” (ARE), “It can pass when you pass” (OWNERSHIP), and "It reaches to touch one's hand" (ULNA), but I thought the clue for AREACODES (Some demographic data) could have been a tad more interesting. 
Does anyone actually use OPPS as a term for enemies? Is that a thing like TURNT that I just haven't come across yet? Somehow it doesn't seem likely... and what is a TYPEA flu? Since when have they been "typing" them? Colum?
Overall, I found lots to like in this one (SPLAY, AESOP, PARASITIC, ATEIT, INIGO), and very little glue (UAW, ASHED, POGS, EWELL). 
- Horace


  1. Loved it...lots of fun and giggles. The cluing is fantastic! Congratulations to Anna Gundlach on her NYT debut!

  2. 19:26
    Slow moving on the drive back from Delaware for me. Perhaps my concentration wasn't at its best. Help from Hope and Cece for POWERMOVE and SERTA. But it was all worthwhile just to get that last clue. So good!

  3. 32:07
    This was a great Saturday offering and, despite my time, I had little trouble with it. The phrases were decent - WHATDOYOUEXPECT and IMHERETOHELP - and they helped out with other fill for me. The HALTERTOP isn't seen much any longer, is it? I remember that it was one of my grandmother's favorite summer wear articles back a few years ago, but I don't recall seeing it lately. I'll have to take a careful look about me later on today. One long answer that I didn't love was MOUSEPOINTER, which is not said.