Saturday, August 17, 2019

Saturday, August 17, 2019, Michael Hawkins


A solid Saturday struggle today. It started easily enough with WATERBIRTH (Maternity option involving a pool), because really, what else could it have been? Still, it was nice to have it confirmed by HERSTORY (Part of some gender studies), and right away, we have kind of an answer to yesterday's "bro puzzle." Continuing with that theme, we found HONESTWAGE and AMYPOEHLER in the NE.


I don't really understand the clue "Modern young person vis-à-vis video games and smartphones" for SCREENAGER, but I like the word. SCARRY (Like Al Capone's face) and BUNTER (Hardly a swinger), on the other hand, are less praise-worthy.

I was helped today because just a few days ago, my brother procured the fixins for Bloody Marys, one of which was V8, and he read the ingredients off for me - one of which was CELERY! I should have been helped by my own "shadow" when I came across BEARD (It might start as a shadow), but I needed several crosses. I liked NOGO (Something scratched) and EASTER (Day of a hunt), but those, too, took some crosses and a lot of thought.

We've got some deep crosswordese in ARCO (With the bow, in music) and MERL (Blackbird), and a nice pair of familiar-seeming clues for ROBS (Appropriates inappropriately?) and ABET (Help badly).

At the bottom we have more fun words - MUSS, COSSET, NADIR - and a nice long French entry, FOLIEADEUX. Overall, a fun puzzle.

- Horace

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  1. 32:01
    I tried eRoS where IRIS belongs, which slowed me down, and EASTER would not come despite the fact that I had all but the first "E." I also tried EYEdropS, which I corrected when I got TOMB. Finally, I put in COddle instead of COSSET. These missteps led to my time over 30. I thought that the clues for ROGET and AERIE, two crosswordese fills, were much better than normal, but I agree with Horace regarding SCARRY (terrible) and BUNTER. PLAYOFFS had a great clue, too, and it's nice to see BLUE (properly clued) and SEXY adjacent to each other.