Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tuesday, August 13, 2019, Lynn Lempel

A puzzle built on a tragic fate, that of STAR CROSSED lovers Romeo and Juliet. Is it a coincidence that it was released amid the shooting stars of the Perseid meteor shower? We will, perhaps, never know. Such is our fate. But intention aside, we can still delight at the crossing of ROCK and CHILD, LODE and MORNING, FILM and ALL, LONE and GOLD


I find this theme interesting in that, aside from the revealer, half of each pair is contained within a longer answer, and the other half stands alone. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a theme like that before. I kind of like the variation.
Crossword veterans might have appreciated the slightly different clues for OSLO (Norwegian city with the Munch Museum) and ERIE (One of five Greats), but I’m guessing few were tricked for more than a moment or two. The clue for EDIT (Tend to some p’s and q’s, say) was also cute.
I like the pattern of Os in the North - the block of four with two diagonally above. It makes me think that if ever I actually get around to constructing a puzzle with a theme, I might like to try making a visual theme rather than a semantic one. We’ll see, I guess, whether A: That ever happens, and B: It would be accepted.
LEAVEN (Cause to expand, as bread) is an interesting entry, but I find the clue wording a little odd. I can’t think of anything other than bread that could be leavened. “I caused the balloon to leaven by blowing into it” doesn’t really work. Well, I guess other baked goods...
For me, this is all about the theme, but it’s a good one, and on a Tuesday, I think it’s just fine.

- Horace


  1. 5:14
    Well, everyone loves a star-based theme, despite the use of circles. Difficulty-wise, though, I was writing in answers as fast as I could read the clues (just about, anyway). I don't take a MEAT, but it doesn't bother me to see it in there. I would take an INGOT if anyone's got one. Interesting clue for NASTY; I'd have made it a blue one, probably. I also thought that the clue for MET (10A Assembled) was tricky in a misdirection sort of way. Enjoyable Tuesday.

  2. And I just noticed that we each completed this puzzle in less time than we did yesterday's, which is unusual.

  3. 3:40
    A fast and light Tuesday puzzle. I also like that STAR and CROSSED cross each other.