Monday, June 15, 2020

Monday, June 15, 2020, Olivia Mitra Framke


This is just the kind of goofy Tom-foolery I like to see in a Moonday. Er, Monday. And happily, the revealer, though it sits in the center, was the last word I completed today, because when I first came to it, I didn't know it off the clue, and I didn't want to stop too long to consider it. When I finally came back to it and put in the second A, I laughed out loud. AUPAIRS indeed! And what more can one ask of a Monday puzzle?
Well, one could, perhaps, ask for a few interesting answers in the non-thematic material, to ENHANCE the solving experience. Like the lovely SNAPDRAGON (Flower named for its resemblance to a winged beast), which, after being shown that its jaws could be opened menacingly with a simple pinch, was one of my first favorite flowers.

It was funny typing that just now - "first favorite flowers." Does everyone pick a favorite flower? I liked honeysuckle back then too, because a friend showed me how it could be disassembled in a certain way to provide a small drop of nectar that could then be tasted. And I liked crocus, too. I'm not exactly sure why. Seems weird to think that it might have been simply because they were attractive.

There's LOTSA good fill, actually, like KRAUT (mmm.... KRAUT), SCRAPMETAL, SHORE, SCOWL, and SPAWN. HOOHA is amusing, and CASHBAR is ok, but I would prefer that it be open.

Overall, a very fine start to the week.

- Horace


  1. 4:55
    Second Monday in a row under five, which is quite good for me. Fun theme, and I didn't know that the animation on the Google home page was called a GOOGLEDOODLE, so I learned something, albeit not a particularly useful something. All of the other themers I've, of course, heard. Funny that the meteorologist on WBZ touted the SNAPDRAGON just a couple of days ago as a flower that is quite nice and interesting but needs a good deal of sun each day. He'd just finished saying it really needs 8-10 hours, but could probably get by with six and still produce a few flowers when the anchor asked if it would do well on his own porch which gets only about an hour of sun each day. Mr. Epstein, the meteorologist, said "No."

  2. 3:37
    Nice time, Horace! ITOO enjoyed this theme. I did not see it coming, even though I filled in AUPAIRS as I went through. It would have been better to avoid other pairs of Os in the puzzle (there are two of them), but what can you do? Not make crossword puzzles, in my case, so who am I to judge?

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