Monday, June 8, 2020

Monday, June 8, 2020, Kyle Dolan


How uplifting a comment can be: thanks to Mr. Kingdon for yesterday's shout-out. It's wonderful to know that we at HAFDTNYTCPFCFA can provide enough in a day to make people feel they are living the dream!

Meanwhile, today's puzzle is a lovely example of that old theme style, the vowel progression. Here, we take five phrases whose last word varies only by the fact that its vowel is (typically) the long form of each vowel, in order from A to U. Thus we start with CLICKBAIT and end with ANKLEBOOT. It's interesting that Mr. Dolan could have gone with something along the line of "it's a beaut" to get an actual "you" U sound in there. But this is a better answer, I think.

I never read TIGERBEAT magazine, and after googling it, I see why. It's marketed to the teen fangirl population, which I never found myself in for any reason.

I love the clue for 52A: Place for a blast offshore (PARTYBOAT). Perfect non-QMC (question-mark clue - see our glossary for more details). I was sure we were going for an atoll or some such Pacific islet.

There's plenty to enjoy in the fill as well: ISRAELI, KOOLAID, HECTARE, to name a few. The style of clues was fun also, with 25D: "Little piggies" (TOES), 6D: "Get out of jail" story (ALIBI).

Otherwise, I just have to call out LURID for Mame reasons, and APT for Frannie reasons.

- Colum


  1. I think you have the tougher task than mine (writing the blog, versus writing a short comment, that is). But I'm glad when what I say is appreciated.

    I too was looking for some sort of explosion at sea. Can't remember whether I was thinking in terms of a volcanic eruption or Deepwater Horizon style incident or what, but the crosses took me in another direction before long.

    And although it doesn't fit the clue as well, I am amused that ALIBI and ALIas are both five letters and start with "ali". Definitely they both tickle the "crime" association, or at least did for me.

  2. 4:58
    I'm with Mr. Kingdon in that I tried ALIas before hitting the cross BAM, and I'm with Colum having never read TIGERBEAT, although I'd heard of it. I seem to remember people in my high school (or middle school) class having it from time to time. Lots of nice fill in here, including, and in addition to the ones Colum mentions, ROSETTA, CLICKBAIT (which I've yet to fall for), TITANS, MOANERS and the took-me-too-many-crosses SOFALEG. Plus I got in under five, which is always nice.

  3. 5:06
    I'm fairly certain I had a mistake in this puzzle, but I can't quite remember what it was just now. And I don't think I even noticed the vowel progression!

    Still working on slowing down and smelling the roses...

    Fun puzzle. Nobody's mentioned STOOLIE so far, so I might as well call that out as fun fill too. :)

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