Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Tuesday, June 30, 2020, Zachary David Levy


Every day is a good day to celebrate THENOTORIOUSRBG. Although I can't help but feel that the impetus for the creation of this puzzle is the realization that, along with the nickname, ONTHEBASISOFSEX and JUSTICEGINSBURG are all 15 letters long.

Well, just for good measure, we also get FLATBUSH and COLUMBIA, two stopping points along her biography. I did not see the biopic movie referred to in 17A, but I did see the documentary RBG, which was fascinating and well done. The idea of bringing a sexual discrimination case to the Supreme Court where the plaintiff was a man was brilliant. And sad at the same time.

Anyway, enough about discrimination, politics, and... well. Let's just say ICANT. It's time to think about BUNS instead.

I was slightly concerned on opening the puzzle to see the massive NW chunk of white squares. Fortunately 1A: Segment of the Constitution that starts "We the People" (PREAMBLE) was a gimme. I wasn't sure about how to spell PROSIT, so that took a little working around. Similarly, ANISETTE always makes me pause: is it 2 Ns, 2 Ss, or 2 Ts?

62A: King or queen (MATTRESS) is a nice misdirect of a clue. There's not too much to complain about or make too much noise about. It's a fine Tuesday puzzle, if nothing mindblowing. At the same time, it's yet another debut, so welcome to the NYT, Mr. Levy!


- Colum


  1. For King or Queen, I was first thinking playing cards, then royalty. I think maybe then I went to MATTRESS, but once I had a few crosses.

    Oh and finished with one error on JUSTICEGINSBeRG crossing REPeTE. I knew the latter didn't make much sense but I didn't notice it was within one letter of something which does.

  2. 13:54
    I'm with Mr. Kingdon on the King/Queen misdirection, thinking of those two things first, until I had a couple of crosses, that is. I needed most of the crosses for FLATBUSH, too, as that's an area with which I'm not yet acquainted, as is Brooklyn in general. I've heard, however, that there's quite a bit to like in Brooklyn, so maybe I should spend a little time there sometime. Also, I'm with Colum on the spelling of ANISETTE. I guess the "ette" gives it away, for the most part, but it still makes me pause a second. I tried READit down in the SW there, but that was quickly corrected with the crosses, and I tried maCrO where SOCIO (-economics) goes, but ditto regarding the crosses. A nice Tuesday with barely a SNAFU for me.