Monday, December 27, 2021

Monday, December 27, 2021, Adam Aaronson

Hmm... I wonder how Adam Aaronson happened to come up with this theme? ... It's six double-A theme answers plus a revealer. I don't know AARONPAUL from Aaron Burr, but the other five are all familiar enough. And I like the reference to the Sea Dogs in the clue for DOUBLEATEAM. I also like how ALEKEG and ANGELS, two single-A entries, are in symmetrical, theme-adjacent spots in the middle of the grid.


In non-theme entries, NODSTO (Acknowledges with a head tilt) is one of those kind that you look at when reviewing the puzzle and think "What the hell is a NODSTO?" It might also be one that some people refer to as "green paint." That is, two words that don't necessarily have a strong reason to be together in a puzzle. RANDOS, if you will. By contrast, ILLSAY ("Ain't that the truth!") is a fairly common PHRASE, and CAPITALONE (Banking giant that makes the Venture card) is, as they say, a banking giant. RESEND and EXGOVERNOR are, I guess, somewhere in the middle.

On AAVERAGE, I enjoyed this one, largely because I like the personalized nature of it. And do you think ASIDE is somehow thematic?

- Horace

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  1. Cute theme and fine puzzle. I had not noticed the constructor's name! Definitely the inspiration, I imagine.