Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tuesday, December 7, 2021, Margaret Seikel

I can't say I've ever received a holiday card showing people wearing MATCHINGPJS. Is that a thing? Is it that me and my circle of friends just aren't hip enough? Perhaps so. But hey... I just got an idea for this year's card...

Singer/actress Jennifer LOPEZ

I had a fun time today re-mixing the theme answers. I'd go to a pickle joint, I've had pizza juice running through my fingers, many a PRIVATEJET is probably a political jet, and a private junkie, well, that's just sad. Sorry.

Let's just keep the P-J combinations that Ms. Seikel chose: PICKLEJUICE, PIZZAJOINT, POLITICALJUNKIE, and PRIVATEJET. It's a good set. And that clue for the last one - "Aircraft that's 1% full?" is brilliant. At least to us 99%ers. 

It's an odd shout-out to "Boston's Mass. AVE," but I like it. And "Pleasant French city?" is a cute clue for NICE. And if you're interested in seeing Keat's "To Autumn," (also called "Seasons of Mist and Mellow Fruitfulness") in Keat's own hand, it's online here.

- Horace


  1. Me neither. Got a card with folks dressed in PJs, matching or otherwise. I liked the Mass AVE shout-out too...but sheesh, when is the construction going to stop? My favorite theme answer is POLITICAL JUNKIE. Does MATCHING PJS mean the top and bottom match?

    1. I was thinking it meant that everyone in the photo had MATCHINGPJS. That doesn't mean the top & bottom can't match, or have to match.