Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Wednesday, December 29, 2021, Simon Marotte and Victor Fleming

"Get used to it, Honey. From now on we'll be spelling everything with letters!" 

So says Max Power, and so say Messrs. Marotte and Fleming. Each theme entry is made up of words that are not only spelled with letters, but also sound like letters. EMMYEMCEE, when ORAL, sounds like M-E-M-C. EMPTYTEPEE is MTTP, and so on. The only thing keeping this theme from being a SLAMDUNK is that thing that happens in crosswords sometimes where other long entries seem like they ought to be thematic, but aren't. I looked at YOGAMATS for a few BEATS and tried to figure out what letters could be substituted for its TEXT, but came up short. And then later said ETTU SLAMDUNK!? But ITSOK, I still thought the theme was NEAT.

If you haven't seen it, do!

And it wasn't just the theme that I enjoyed today. There were very few TSKS when reviewing the fill. CHIAPETS (1980s fad items advertised as "the gift that grows") always bring a smile, ARMRESTS (Where elbows may collide) gets a good clue, and GLOOP is kind of amusing sitting right there in the middle.

I usually think of players, not fans, saying HIMOM, and I don't often think of Garfield as a TOMCAT, but I won't argue much with either entry. Always nice to see my hometown SOX get a shout-out in a NYC paper, and RAKE (Leave no leaves, say) with its fine clue, reminds me that I never did rid the backyard of leaves this year. At least the squirrels are happy, they seem to be continually finding maple seeds to eat. 

Overall, a fine Wednesday. Hope you enjoyed it too!

- Horace

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