Sunday, December 19, 2021

Sunday, December 19, 2021, Laura Taylor Kinnel


Hello everyone! Back for the last week before Christmas. I had my Chorus's Christmas concert this afternoon, and then returned to solve this appropriate (or, dare we say, apt) puzzle this evening.

The revealer today comes at 116A: This puzzle's images, in two different ways (COOKIECUTTERS). Throughout the grid, we find specific types of cookies whose names come in two parts, split apart by graphic representations of cookie cutters (or their Christmas cookie counterparts). Only in the down answers do these cutters become actual words. Thus the BELL becomes part of RU[BELL]A, or even better, STAR becomes part of RE[STAR]EA.

They're not all so cleverly hidden (c.f. [HEART]FELT), but it's fun anyway, and I like all the different kinds of cookies, including SNICKER[ ]DOODLE and SHORT[ ]BREAD. It's a lovely start to this seasonable week.

Any puzzle which has THEBEESKNEES in it, will immediately be in my good graces. We should all try to incorporate 1920s slang into our conversation on a daily basis, if you ask me. 


I also enjoyed 3D: Becoming faint (TRAILINGAWAY). Not what I was thinking about in my physician's mind. Some other clues that amused or stumped me:

2D: Course preparers (CHEFS)

9D: Project (JUT)

25A: Things bachelors might have (DEGREES)

Others I could have done without include 60A: Loud but friendly growl (RAWR), especially just above 67A: Big name in cast-iron cookware (STAUB). Having ENG and ANAT in the same area made that the most awkward part of the grid.

Let's enjoy the holidays, folks! But most importantly, stay healthy, stay masked, and get tested.

- Colum

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  1. This puzzle was the most enjoyable one I can ever remember, and I have been solving for a very long time. Thank you, Laura!