Friday, September 2, 2022

Friday, September 2, 2022, Claire Rimkus

Ms. Rimkus has served up an absolute delight of a Friday themeless! My only complaint is that it was over too fast. I felt very in sync with her thought process, and answers just seemed to spool out one from another.

It didn't start out that way, though. I had 1D: Danish shoe brand (ECCO) no problem, but made trouble for myself by putting in lOst at 3D: Not sure which way to go (TORN). I like my answer, but the actual one is a better fit. I also wanted 7D to start with "blooper," but nothing seemed to work, so I fortunately took it out.

I really got going in the middle of the puzzle. 23D: Bob Odenkirk's role on "Breaking Bad" (SAUL) was a gimme, even though I've never watched that series or its sequel. I love "Do The Right Thing," and have seen it several times, so OSSIE was also a gimme. That led to 38A: When a procrastinator gets to work (ATTHELASTMINUTE), and we were off and running.


I thank my Sporcle addiction for getting GABON (my nephew knows all of the world's capitals by heart. I'm satisfied with just the countries). The first of a lovely crew of colloquialisms came into view here, with NOTBYAMILE. The others include WHENINROME and REALMATURE.

In the clues section, I wanted to highlight 47A: Wound (SNAKED). I love the English language for its AMBIguity. There were so many ways this could have gone, the sort of thing that makes crosswords so enjoyable.

Other good clues include:

14A: They may get all tied up (CLOSEGAMES) - I had no idea until the G came into focus.

1A: Subject of some family planning (ESTATELAW). Not contraception.

16A: 2003 Search-and-rescue target (NEMO) - as in "Finding Nemo"...

I also liked DAWN and ACTI being connected by "duelling" clues. Hah!

Fun Friday.

- Colum

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