Thursday, September 1, 2022

Thursday, September 1, 2022, John Wrenholt

It's an odd one for a Thursday today. Mr. Wrenholt asks us to DOTHEMATH. But he gives us the answer up front! At 17A: This puzzle's solution (NINETYONE). Then there are four answers with italicized clues that make up a sort of EQUATION.

TWOTIMES / FIFTEEN / TRIPLED / PLUSONE... that's... um, hang on. [Takes out calculator] - uh, 15 x 2 x 3 +1... yup, 91.

The cluing is very clever though. 21A: Cheats on (TWOTIMES) starts us off. And then 23A: What comes after love (FIFTEEN) - not "marriage," which wouldn't fit anyway. Nope, here we're referring to tennis scores. Oof! 40A: Didn't quite make it home, say (TRIPLES) - oh, boy, now we're in baseball. And finally, 54A: Date for a party (PLUSONE). Nicely done.

So that was challenging, but I'd say the cluing in general was on the harder side. Look at 33A: Juicers use them (ROIDS). Good one! 37A: Device that turns plastic into paper? (ATM) - that's fun. 42A: The 2 in 1/2, say (DAY). Not denominator, for those of you mathematically inclined. 

I also liked 1D: Filled with ink ... or oink (PEN). Hah! 

With WINEFRIDGE, NADACOLADA, and MUSTREADS, this puzzle was filled with goodness. 

And of course, old friend ERIC / IDLE. Symmetrically placed, with a reference to The Rutles, no less!

Not your typical Thursday, but an interesting beginning to the Turn.

- Colum

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  1. Oh I've been doing crosswords long enough to immediately think of tennis when I saw love. But maybe too long because I was thinking way too much about ad in or ad out or other things which might be about tennis but which come after deuce or something else other than love.