Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Tuesday, September 13, 2022, Adam Wagner

Like yesterday, today's theme struck me as somewhat surprising. The revealer, HERESTHEKICKER, introduces four theme answers famous for their footwork. We have a FOOTBALLPLAYER, ROCKETTE, UNBORNBABY, and a KANGAROO to boot. My TOPICS is Rockette because synchronized human movement always amazes me. 

I was looking at 26A: "Unsolemnly swear" and didn't immediately guess the answer, so I flipped to the Down clue and saw "Murmur lovingly" - the contrast between the two connected answers (CUSS and COO) made me LOL. Answers that I eventually REDREW include "Put in the overhead bin, say" where I first tried 'cram' - we've all bin there, am I right? The answer was STOW, I'm told.  I also decided it was safe to use DEFORM 'czar' instead of TSAR because Caesar was mentioned in the clue. OUST. :(

Some clues that gave me a kick:
"Shop for a loxsmith?" (DELI)
"Mined-over matter" (ORE)
"Top of the Highlands?" (TAM)


OBSTRUCTS and UPINARMS are fine fill. Also, I have a real fondness for the word SKIT. I find one doesn't encounter JAPES as often in the wild as one does in puzzles. 

Apparently, I'm not quite a big enough Star Wars nerd to know ATAT, which stands for All Terrain Armored Transport. I also didn't know machines in movies were called AIS. My punt being that I'm always learning new things from doing the crossword puzzle - I consider it TINE well spent.


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  1. I loved it! FWOE, neglecting to read the clue for TINE and just putting in TINA because, well, REDRAW works. Duh. But still I really enjoyed it, especially since I didn't fill in the reveal until almost the very end and I love when that happens.