Thursday, September 22, 2022

Thursday, September 22, 2022, Helen Chen

Is it just me, or does this grid tell a sad tale of a day at the casino? First the gambler PLACESABET. She checks the AMOUNTWON so far, and shakes her head in despair. She has no FACECARDS in her BLACKJACK game, and even when she hits 21, she only BREAKSEVEN

Well, not so sad, if she quits now...

There are a couple of bonus theme answers at 1A (TOP) and 19A: It goes in the middle of the table (ANTE) - nice clue!

It's a fun theme, with the cards hidden nicely in their respective phrases, all of which are gambling-related. It was a little straightforward for a Thursday, as I could tell what was going on even before I entered the second theme answer, and the clues give away what should be in each shaded area. All of which added up to a quick solve.

Apparently the meme roasts Twitter oversharers...

Some fun clues today:

44D: It's a stretch (EXPANSE)

27D: It whistles in the kitchen (TEAKETTLE)

And a tough all consonant answer in CTRLP. Fortunately for me, I had all of the crosses on that one!

You have to appreciate the four corners of triple 7-letter down stacks. They are VELVETY smooth!

- Colum

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  1. Thank you for explaining the ARBY'S meme! And, being a Mac user, I needed every crossing to get CTRL-P. Cute theme, terrific clues.