Saturday, September 3, 2022

Saturday, September 3, 2022, David Distenfeld

These pinwheel shaped (not SSHAPED) grids are a lot of fun. I like the flow through them, and the big set of crossing long answers in staggered stacks are a lot of fun to crack.

I did not break in in the NW corner. ADO was not enough to give me real purchase). Instead, I found an opening with OPIE, ESP, and RAPSTAR. 16A: Digital filing service? (MANIPEDI) is such a great clue. 20A: Snaps (PIX) is another example of those ambiguous English words that offers so many directions for an answer. The S-less plural is great as well.

We should all think fondly of Auntie Mame and her "Black coffee and a SIDECAR." ("How can you see with all that light?") 

My first long answer was 14D: Ordinary members (RANKANDFILE). I love when you can get one of those off of a single crossing answer. My mother is particularly good at that sort of thing. The next one I got was 34A: U.S. group with six branches (ARMEDFORCES). Used to be only five. Then somebody made the Space Force. At least the symbol's pretty good.

The other answers were fun as well. I love 32A: Like mussels or some letters (STEAMEDOPEN). Clues that give odd juxtapositions like this are a different slant on the English ambiguity clues. DIRTYMINDED crosses SEXILED, which just seems right.

19D: It can start with a screen test (ZOOMMEETING) and 16D: Couple years? (MARRIEDLIFE) are also good. A very strong center.

Probably my favorite C/AP came at 52A: Possible response to "Where's the beef?" (IATEIT). Yes. Yes, you did.

Tomorrow I hand the reins back over to Horace. I had fun this week! See you all soon.

- Colum

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  1. Fun and relatively smooth for me. Loved the clues. And oh, oh, I have to admit it...I actually bought the "Thigh-Master" SUZANNE Somers pitched...and used it like, maybe once! Sheesh. Thanks for the week, Colum!