Saturday, September 10, 2022

Saturday, September 10, 2022, Kameron Austin Collins

Another unusual grid today. It's a normal 15x15, but those arcing black squares on either side, and the little step-squares at the top and bottom... odd, but a nice change of pace. It makes room for nine 11-letter Down entries! My favorite is probably CURTAINTIME (When one might start to make a scene), but "Yellow slippers?" (BANANAPEELS) is also good. As is MINTCOINSET (Case made for significant change?). Hah! The clues were really good today. How 'bout "Recommended labor practice" for LAMAZECLASS? or "Hostess offering" (SNOBALL). Heh. And "Now or never" (ADVERB). Tricksy!


It was old-school stuff that allowed me to break into this one today. I dropped in SUITOR (One of many for Penelope in the "Odyssey"), which gave me ROLEX and XGAMES (Sports event that notably declines to drug-test its participants) (interesting), and then AEGIS (Shield for Zeus) gave me SPEEDSKATES (Sporting blades), which opened up the East.

But there were also many things that I did not "drop in," including LHOTSE. I feel I should have known the name of the world's fourth-highest peak, but, well, I didn't. Another thing I drew a BLANK on was the IDEALGASLAW (PV = nRT). I guess it's nice to know that there are ideal gasses. :)

Overall, it was a toughie. Just like we like on a Saturday. So satisfying.

- Horace


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  1. Spectacular clues! I started out pretty confidently with BANANA PEELS, but the rest was tough for me. Tough, but fun. Thanks for the week, Horace!