Tuesday, September 6, 2022

September 6, 2022, Trenton Charlson

Is it weird that a theme should be based on lower-case letters when crosswords are generally filled in with upper-case letters? Well, I should maybe say that I've always filled them in with upper-case letters. And when I solve online, upper-case letters are put in for me. I know that some of the top solvers believe using lower-case Es, for instance, makes for faster writing, but I don't think that's the norm. And I doubt very much if the fastest solvers, even were they to use some lower-case letters, would take the time to dot Is and Js... 

This one really did! Via Appia.

But, after such a preamble of questionable worth, I will re-start this review by announcing that I had no problem understanding the theme, and figuring it out mid-way through allowed me to fill in BEIJING and FIJIDOLLAR with fewer crosses than I otherwise might have needed. :) Also, I very much enjoy the central DOTDOTDOT entry. It's repetition, smack dab in the middle, is pleasing to me.

I'm not super KEEN on DISCI, but needs must, I know, and I have come to rather enjoy crosswordese like AERIE and RIA, so perhaps in time I'll discover a fondness for DISCI. 

Nice C/AP pair of "Big gala" (FETE) and "Galas, e.g." (APPLES), and speaking of misdirection, I wanted to entere "sewn on" at 11D (Attached, as a patch) (SEWEDON)), but was thrown off by the alternate past tense. :)

"Not doing things the rite way?" (ELOPING) was cute, and who doesn't enjoy the word GIZMO?

In all, a fine Tuesday.

- Horace

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