Monday, March 20, 2023

Monday, March 20, 2023, Adam Vincent

Today's theme entries bring us a combination of a foodstuff plus a word that can mean to leave, replicating the pattern given in the revealer of DINEANDDASH. I was amused and entertained by all the fun entries: BANANASPLIT, TOFUSCRAMBLE, LEMONPEEL, and CINNAMONROLL. In something of a cosmic miracle, fussier eater that I am, these are all foods I like. 

And that's not all I liked. There were good entries APLENTY including  TUB (such a nice, resonant word), GASUP, FLUBBED, and PEONS. The clue "Pushing the envelope, so to speak" reminded me that I once thought that would be a great slogan for the U.S. Post Office - ha! Another option for it is EDGY


Witty REPARTEE included the old fish joke (DAM), "Cut the crop?" for REAP, "'Peeper' that makes no sound" (EYE), and "'Honey' or 'sugar' alternative" (DARLING). I also enjoyed the nice-to-think-about "Hit the ___(go to bed)" (HAY) . With everything else seeming so upbeat and cheery, the only thing I found to HANOI was TRACHEA, which stuck in the throat a bit.

And, since today is the vernal equinox, I think URL agree that it would be hard to find a EMIR appropriate entry than ROBIN, "symbolizing the arrival of spring." FWORD into a new season, dear Readers!



  1. You're in top form, Frannie o' mine! And this puzzle is, to my mind, simply amazing. Five theme entries with nary a bit o' glue? Wonderful! And a bonus for me -- I never heard the fish joke until today!

  2. "FWORD into a new season." That's some classic Frannie right there. Nice review. :)