Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday, March 26, 2023, David Karp

I DO, I DO ... DO!

Hey, folks! Colum here for another sparkling week of puzzles and a potentially sparkling week of reviews. I promise nothing. Especially coming after Frannie's typically brilliant week of posts!

While Hope has been in Firenze, Siena, e Roma, yours truly has been on the homefront, caring for dogs and patients in somewhat equal measure. A house is only a home insofar as it contains what you love inside, so I'm looking forward to my partner's return. In the meantime, I have the NYT crossword!

Today's theme is revealed with THIRDEYEBLIND, a band I know for the one song referenced in the clue. Apparently they're still active, but with mostly different band members from the original group. In terms of the crossword, the name is interpreted by theme answers which would typically have three Is in them, but the third is dropped, creating a new phrase which is clued wackily, and hilarity ensues.

So, for example, 23A: Preparing to put earrings in an ogre? (PIERCINGSHREK) derives from "piercing shriek." I think my favorite is 104A: Old-timey wizard who needs to learn some manners? (SPITTINGMAGE), but 87A: Prize in a chowder cook-off? (CERTIFICATEOFCLAM) also got a chuckle.


Do you know what is not made in a press? tAhINI. I should have known that, you'd think. Especially as 86A: What "X" might stand for (TEN) is certainly not TEh. I had Tic in there originally, which caused issues. BTW, I like 86A's paired clue at 59A: What "O" might stand for (HUG). Also not "tic." Or "tac." 


I am concerned that the Old Gray Lady might be coming down with a hint of the laissez-faire attitude of the young 'uns. GSPOT next to EARGASM? It's enough to make you misread 29A: Nickname for Luigi (GIGIO) as GIGolO...

That was a stretch. I'm sorry.

I've learned that a plangonologist collects DOLLS, apparently. And the AGEGAP referenced in 73D does not apply to me and Hope. I note they don't supply a gendered direction in the gap. I wonder if the likelihood of the man being older than the woman has neared even odds.

And with that, I'm out. Happy Sunday!

- Colum

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