Thursday, March 23, 2023

Thursday, March 23, 2023, David Kwong

I apologize for the late review today. I had to leave for work at ATEAM, which ISAY problem when it's one's turn to do the review. :(  I didn't even have a chance to do the puzzle itself until just now. EGAD.

Anyhoo, even though, it being Thursday, I was expecting a rebus - all the more so after neither stoned, ironed, or Hermione fit in the top row Down answers - I wasn't expecting *this* rebus. :) To solve the puzzle, one puts the letters ONE all in one square, one after the other, either two times or three times in a row. When there are two ONEs, one replaces them with the word COMPANY - as in "two's company" - to get a common phrase that suits the clue. For example, "Officer in charge of a military unit" is a [ONE][ONE]COMMANDER in the grid, but a Company Commander when it's at home. When one enters [ONE] one two three times in a row, one replaces the three ONES with the word CROWD - as in "three's a crowd" - to get a common phrase like [ONE][ONE][ONE]SOURCING or Crowd Sourcing ("Mass method for seeking input"). Does that add up for everyone?


Not all my problems were caused by the addones in the four theme answers. I had take two in a a couple of places. For one thing, I spelled SHERYL Crow with an initial C - derp - and for another I filled in the blank following "All ___" with mInE instead of RISE

Clues I liked include "Gently suggest, as an idea" (FLOAT), "Sign that you have something (SYMPTOM), and "One serving a queen" (DRONE). The hidden capital in "Rockets frequently travel in this" (THENBA) was tricky for this solver, while other clues were surprisingly straightforward like "Gave birth to" for HAD and "Tesla, for one" being CAR. And "Step on it" was almost too straightforward. It took me a while to come up with PEDAL. Fill-wise, I liked BERATED, HEDGED, and ADHERED

I'll TRIO to do better tomorrow by doubling down on getting up earlier. 



  1. Sheesh, leave for work at 8? If I did such a thing (work, that is), that would be super late, as I used to start at 6. I still wake up at 3 AM for obvious reasons. I loved this rebus. It took me a bit to figure out what was going on, even though I knew that I needed to spell out [ONE] in the appropriate squares. Shout out to our neighbor TRACY! Not sure I've ever heard the term WISDOMOFTHE[ONE][ONE][ONE], though. That's my only beef, if you'd like to call it that. "End of a movement" (CODA) didn't fool me for a second, and I got out of this one in under 19. TATA.

  2. Love, love, love this one. I had nearly every square filled in before the theme hit me. Incredibly cool!

  3. I agree with Huygens that "Wisdom of the crowd" is not nearly as well known as "wisdom of the masses," but I'll accept it. Fun puzzle without any revealer.

  4. Wisdom of the crowd was big in tech companies a while ago (maybe still is): particularly in the context of the book I think.

    Glad I came here as I didn't see the two's company thing ("base commander? battalion commander?")