Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Tuesday, March 28, 2023, Daniel Kantor and Jay Kaskel

I hope you all enjoyed a good FISTPUMP at the end of your solve! I almost did not, because my initial response to 64A: [Woo-hoo!] was FISTbUMP, which definitely fit as an answer, but ACTUb did not. Fortunately I noticed this prior to entering the last square, so no sad message for me.

Also, thematically it would not have worked, because what we have here are movements symbolic of emotional responses but which are performed entirely solo, whereas my answer would have been ADUEL. If you get what I mean.

51A: [D'oh!] (FACEPALM) is so associated with Homer Simpson at this point in our culture, that the clue could only have been that. 

It's a very neat collection of theme answers, all two words long, each one with a body part first. Beautifully done! Are there any others? Perhaps: [This is taking too long!] ("foot tap").

Didgeridoo (TUBES)

3D: Video game genre for Space Invaders (SHOOTEMUP) is a great answer, but would not have been my first choice. I think of that specific genre with the classic first-person shooter games, like Doom. While Space Invaders is such an old-school arcade game. But when I google the term, this is the exact concept detailed, so... face-pie?

Somehow INTHEBUFF feels like it should be part of the theme. But let's be glad that most of the time we see these movements in people who are clothed. On the other hand, maybe then we'd get to see more of 50D: Figure drawing? (TATTOO). Your mileage may vary. Maybe we can just stick with the LOWCUT necklines instead.

It's a shame that CRIMEA and RUSSIA are in the puzzle together in this way, but I appreciate that we should keep reminding ourselves of the crimes of that nation... just perhaps not as much in the crossword puzzle.


- Colum


  1. Lots of body parts sprawled all over this one: ORBS, PIEHOLE, TAIL, TUBES, and TNUT. Despite some fun fill like SATCHEL, FURLS, and SLEEK, this puzzle just didn’t seem to be my TYPEA thing.