Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Each theme clue contains two film titles in that share a common element which is then combined with a synonym for 'movie' to make a common phrase - no mean feat. For example, "'Malcom X' and 'Milk'?" could each be described as a PROFILEPICTURE, and "'Titanic' or 'Jaws'?" could be described as a WATERFEATURE. WALKIETALKIE as a way to describe films in which there is a lot of foot travel is pretty darn funny. FLICKOFASWITCH for both "'Freaky Friday' or 'The Parent Trap'?" is very clever.


Other award-winners today are "Change" for the somewhat surprising answer COINS, "Commit an illegal act" (OFFEND), and "Stay fresh" for KEEP. A special prize goes to the C/AP "Shushes"/QUIETS, neither of which made reference to libraries or librarians. :) The award for Best Visual Effects goes to TARIFF, KEROSENE, ANTIQUES, CORKSCREW, and TAWDRY

I had a rather slow-seeming solve today, possibly because some of my initial entries were flops. For "Olympic symbol" I started with 'torch' and then tried 'rings' before lighting on the correct answer, FLAME. I also premiered 'vulgar' for for "Tacky and loud" before finding success with its sequel, TAWDRY. I experienced another cut in the action in the mid-west section with the sports reference "QB protectors, for short" (OLINE), and an obscure (to me) note about an instrument heard in both Seal's "Kiss From a Rose" and Sonny & Cher's "I got You Babe" (OBOE). Fortunately, the show did go on and I eventually finished in 12:38.


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  1. Great time, Frannie! Alas, I FWOE, spoiling my streak. I was convinced that FLICK *ON* A SWITCH was the correct answer, with the crossing NINE a reasonable (to me) "Numismatic rating." Ah, well...