Monday, April 10, 2023

Monday, April 10, 2023, Gia Bosko

A sorry start to my review week, dear Readers, posting this late, but ITISWHATITIS. SUFFIXED to say that the RATSNEST I call my working life took over once again, getting in my way. But, as I am what you might call a PAYEE of the company, I suppose FAIRISFAIR. In any case, WHATSDONEISDONE. I'll try to do better tomorrow. Although, I have to admit that this late in the day, my DOMES DRYINGUP and fresh ideas are thin on the ground, still ADEALISADEAL, so I should START. ARYA ready for some TREY mediocre verbage? And you thought ChatGPT was bad!


I liked the zesty C/APs "Gumption" (NERVE) and "Erupt" (BLOW), to either of which Auntie Mame might SAY, "How vivid." I also enjoyed the pair of old timey entries DEEMSFIT and BEITSO. I love both a MASTERKEY and BASSALE. Do I want to marry them? Maybe. I AMOK with it. LOVEISLOVE

While ASADA found the puzzle easy to solve, I didn't break any speed records with today's solve (5:53). How about UTES?


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  1. Lovely shot of the Bronte sisters. Heh. And hey, I enjoyed the review. Decent START to the week.