Sunday, April 23, 2023

Sunday, April 23, 2023, Katie Hale and Scott Hogan


Hello everybody! How wonderful it was to have a week of reviews by our good friend, Philbo. I suppose it shouldn't be that surprising that one might come across a simpatico individual when attending a relatively niche gathering like the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. And yet, I think it's rare to so easily meld with somebody as we did in our virtual "table" three Februarys ago when we met him. A pleasure to know you, Philbo, and glad that you've joined in our crazy endeavor, which we will never feel able to discontinue as long as Mr. Shortz says we should keep going.

This is a crazy weekend, where I am singing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in two performances with my chorus joining the Albany Symphony Orchestra, all the while looking ahead to leaving next Friday evening on a two week trip to Ireland and the United Kingdom. Fortunately, there's always the NYT crossword puzzle to provide some extra distraction.

Today's puzzle takes standard phrases presented in the present tense, and ASKS what would happen if we put an apostrophe before the S of the verb. The reinterpretation of the verb into a noun phrase results in some silly stuff. I love just about all of them. 

PLAYSATRICK reinterpreted as an audience member twigging to the fact that Hamlet is trying to goad his uncle into a guilty confession: hah! 

STANDSINTHEWAY is hi-larious. As if the piece of furniture is actively moving to block passage,

BATSFIVEHUNDRED. I can't even put words to how stupidly funny this is.

PLANTSEVIDENCE. I mean come on now. It's getting ludicrous. I love it.

And the appropriate PUZZLESOVER. Well placed, honored constructors!

Deborah KERR

Some great clues in the fill as well. As you may know, these reviewers are fond of really well put together non-question mark clues (non-QMCs, as per our lingo). Examples today include:

23A: Instrument anyone can play (AIRGUITAR)

53A: Passage straight from the heart (AORTA)

15D: Something you shouldn't pass on (BLINDCURVE)

38D: It might be a stretch (LIMO)

57D: Gentle roasts (DECAFS) - I really struggled with this one for a while!

And a good QMC also sings: 69A: Where to see party people out on the floor? (CSPAN). Nicely done.

Great start to the week.

- Colum

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  1. FALLS OUT OF FAVOR is my personal favorite with it's deliciously insane clue. Colum, how cool is your upcoming trip!