Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Wednesday, April 5, 2023, Brandon Koppy

What is a blog but TMI? OVERSHARING from your pixellated SOAPBOX on your chosen topic? 

This phenomenon is celebrated today by thrice doubling the letters TMI. Well, I guess it's not exactly doubling. It only works in both directions if we imagine that the doubled letters are really just single letters that are stretched to fill the spaces. Why are they stretched? To mirror the "stretched" conversation? The inappropriateness? It didn't really make sense to me, but perhaps I'm missing something. 

Who knew kneeboards were used to AVIATE? Not this guy. I looked it up, and it seems to me that it's just a clipboard that you strap to your thigh. I wish I still had in person meetings, because I would totally get one of those and use it all the time in them. And if I had to stand up to present something at a whiteboard, I'd have to bend over awkwardly all the time to see my notes. TMI?

Let's see... what else? I liked being reminded of Clueless (based on EMMA), and I didn't know EZRA Koenig was the frontman of Vampire Weekend. Every time I hear the name EZRA, I think back to Norm Macdonald's joke when he was the SNL news anchor. He was announcing the top ten or something, and said "In first place - Better than Ezra. In second - Ezra." Such a simple, stupid joke, but I'm still chuckling about it decades later. Sigh. I'm just a simple man. TMI?

Do PETMICE really relax in tiny hammocks? The answer, according to a quick Google images search, is... maybe? Can mice ever be said to relax? They always look so keyed up. At least to me they do. Always twitching and scurrying nervously. If they can relax in a little hammock, then more power to 'em. DONTMINDME, I'm just blogging about mice finally getting to relax. 

I think I might need a negroni. Or at least one third of it (GIN).

- Horace


  1. I thought the image of pet mice in their little hammocks sounded delightful.

    I was vaguely looking for you at the tournament, Horace, but I only partly remembered what you look like and I totally lost track of which of the people on this blog compete and blog under the same name and which do not. Well plus there were even larger than usual crowds to try to find you in.

  2. Theme didn't make much sense to me either.