Saturday, April 8, 2023

Saturday, April 8, 2023, Sid Sivakumar

Yowza! Every once in a while, it's nice to get a little reminder of just how hard a puzzle can be. So thanks for that, Mr. Sivakumar, may I have another?

DONTRUSHME could have been my mantra today, but it's clue "Relax, I'm almost finished" did not apply at all. I felt like a COALMINER (One picking out something for a cart, maybe), trying to chip away at the, in this case, white walls. 


"They have bags under their eyes, for short" (TSA) was a beautiful clue. And I wonder when they stopped putting lithium in SEVENUP, because I used to drink a lot of that as a child. Maybe that's why I was always willing to MARCHINSTEP. (No, that only lasted until 1948, and I'm not that old.)

"Campus protection" (TENURE), "Lifts," for PILFERS, "Men on a mission" APOSTLES, "General senses" (TENORS) .... so many tricky, good clues. And Camila Cabello gets in again, this time with SENORITA.

I had many errors to correct as I went along. Barbecues fits in where BEERBONGS (Some tailgate party accessories) belongs, SOLARyear could exist in the same space as SOLARTIME, and "erases" fits for "Wipes out" (EATSIT). 

I thought "Amounts at a deli" (TARES) was tough. I usually think of that as a verb, but I guess what I'm doing when I "tare" the scale is figuring out the "tare," which is the weight of the container. 

So in short, a perfect Saturday. Brutally hard.

- Horace

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  1. I enjoyed this one. Tough, but not too tough for this solver. You mentioned a lot of the C/APs I liked, but another tough one to mention is “Sorry start?” (MEA). I also enjoyed “Top gear?” (HATS). And ENTRY for “Unit of logs” was good. “General senses” could almost have been a theme. We have SMELT, EATSIT, SEED, ONIT, and ERE.