Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Wednesday, April 12, 2023, Olivia Mitra Framke and Brooke Husic

BONS GREETS, dear Readers! We have four recreational sentences for your enjoyment today - and I do mean recreational. Each theme answer is made up of three variations - or recreations - of the same five-letter word that make up as a sentence to match the clue. My favorite is AIDESIDEASASIDE ("'Ignoring what my assistant said ...'?") - ha! As discussed here previously, one drawback to anagram answers is that they almost necessarily make solving easier because once you get some letters, you get others for free. Palindrome clues are similar, as at 56D: "Palindromic flour" (ATTA) today. I had the TA from OUTRO and BRASS, which gave me the initial AT, which was fortunate as I wasn't too clear on what was wanted for the clue "Rebounds, e.g., informally" - so many caveats! :) The answer was STAT, which seems obvious, now that I know what it is. Classic.
In other parallelisms, we have matching "'Furthermore ...'" clues for the first (1A) and last Across clues (71A), the former answer being PLUS and the latter being ALSO (I had them reversed on my first pass through the Across clues. Derp.). Another nice pair of clues shows up nearby: at 3D, we have "Ctrl+Z, on a PC" (UNDO) and at 62D: "Ctrl+Y, on a PC" (REDO). Both such handy shortcuts. IAMB a fan, but not a "Superfan" (NUT) - although some may beg to differ. 


The GRID contained an ARRAY of fun C/APs, including:
"Non-starters?" (BTEAM)
"Body part that becomes an animal when its vowels are swapped" (LOIN)
"Place to go in England" (LOO)
"Fancy-sounding apple cultivar" (GALA)

Fill-wise, I liked ITSATRAP, ONANDOFF, and TOFU.


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