Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Tuesday, April 4, 2023, Andrea Carla Michaels and Christina Iverson

Four old movies as theme answers made for what is, I think, my fastest solve ever. And I know I went on and on at the tournament about how our blog doesn't emphasize solve time anymore, but cut me some slack. I finished this one in 3:05 and I'm happy about it. RARE indeed! OK, that's all on that.


The theme here is DELIVERANCE, or, things that are delivered. Namely pizza, news, and babies. It's a nice tidy theme, made tidier by the detail of these delivered things being plot points in the movies. Sometimes people like to try to diminish a theme by coming up with other things that can be delivered and then saying "oh, it's too bad I could think of other things." Me, I don't care. I take it as it comes to me. Things like "You've Got Mail," "The Gettysburg Address," "The Package," or "Pink Slip" ... somebody make a whole separate puzzle with those. I'll be happy to see how it goes.

OK. Full disclosure. I'm not feeling well today. I've been mingling with hundreds of people over the past few days and I think one of them might have been sick. But hey, that's ok, too. That's how it goes. Sometimes you catch something. And sometimes you'll have to read blog posts by cranky, sick bloggers. Or, really, you don't have to. No one is making DEMANDS about that. Isn't life great?

I liked EVILTWIN and SCORPION, and was it a SLY move to put SEXY and ORAL side-by-side at the end? No. It is probably OUTOFORDER for me to even suggest such a thing!


- Horace


  1. I, too, had an unusually fast solve today; well, for a Tuesday, that is (5:19). Things just rolled in. And yes, Horace, OUTOFORDER indeed. Some people don't like seeing a SPANX catalog come in the mail with their name on it, but it happens often enough that I was able to drop that right in. I entered MYSTICriver at first up in the NE where MYSTICPIZZA belongs. In my defense, the former is also a movie, albeit not one that would be described as a "rom-com" per se, and I hadn't figured out the theme at that point. I believe I would still not have come in under five had I gotten that correct from the outset, though, so no problem here.

  2. It wasn't just you guys. I was in and out in 2:21, with nothing slowing me down or tripping me up. Fun theme but I found this to be a Monday-ish puzzle and an easy one at that..

  3. I blazed through this one in 4:25, in what I think is my fastest time ever - including Mondays. I didn't notice the theme as I solved, I liked the two "Animal house?" clues (ZOO and LAIR), SLIGHT for "Give the cold shoulder," and HEFT for "Weight." Fill-wise, I enjoyed GLIB, VEX and METRIC, but I think my favorite was 5D.