Monday, April 17, 2023

Tuesday, April 18 2023, Kiran Pandey

Separation is the theme today in an engaging, fun debut by Mr. Pandey, the key answers being two monster-type showdowns and the dissolution of a relationship, the latter movie (Kramer vs. Kramer) I vaguely recall as being very sad.   I mentioned in yesterday's post that I tend to leave theme answers to the end, but today's theme jumped out at me and definitely helped move things along.  I liked how the last theme answer was a departure from the tone set by the first two!

My favourite movie as a teenager!

Aside from the theme, I found the clues mostly straightforward.  Interesting idea to clue TRAP as a "hip-hop subgenre", which I had not known, and which made the NE corner more challenging.  I liked PUTT ("Green movement"), which was clever.  Don't you usually reflexively look for where ECO fits into an answer, when you see the word "Green" in a clue?  Other than that, there wasn't a lot of a punnish or misdirecting nature.

I will be trying to get these posts out in the evenings, to avoid the CHAOS of my working day; I work at AFFIRM which PUTTs my NOSE to the grindstone.  Not in a VIAL way, mind you.  As you can see, AZURE am trying to channel Frannie, here.  Is that such a GRIME?  

OK, OK, I'll BREAKITUP.  A demain, mes amis!



  1. Hah! Very nice work today. If you keep this up, Colum will be angling to change the order again so he can follow me! :P

  2. Oh by the way - 3:37. And I did notice, but forgot to mention, that the finished grid was two letters short of a pangram (missing J and Q I think)...

  3. Oh dear. The punning is contagious, I'm afraid.