Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014, Jim Peredo


It's kind of odd today that there are two entries longer than any of the theme answers, and, quite frankly, more interesting, too. OCEANBREEZE (24D: Beachgoer's cooler-offer) (ixnay on the ooler-cay offer-ay), is especially appropriate for me today, as I find myself once again (UNABASHEDLY) on the shore of the Atlantic. And furthermore, I happen to be with sometimes-reader EnglishTeacher59, who complains that the theme answers begin quite familiar in tone - HOWYOUBEEN ("What's goin' on?") and PUTERTHERE ("Let's shake") - but the last one, GIVEMETHAT ("Hand it over!") really ought to be "Gimme that" to fit in perfectly. Oh well.

I liked a few things in this - HEM (15A: Shorten, perhaps) was tricky, and HOOHAHS (44D: Big kerfuffles) is good in both answer and clue. But aren't we tired of ECARDS (49A: Online birthday greeting)? And why 12D: The black pawns, e.g. (OCTET) and not the white pawns? I guess that one doesn't matter all that much. And is KARTS (26A: Motorized racers) ok without the "Go" part? Hmmm.... just like "BEEN THERE DONE THAT" ought to end with "Bought the T-Shirt."

Oh, I don't know... it's Wednesday. I guess I get what I get.

- Horace


  1. 8:44. It's gotten to the point that I entered ECARD without any crosses. I liked the theme fine, and I held back from looking at 69A until I'd entered all the long answers, which gave me a cute little Aha moment. Brief, but cute. I agree with the long down clues being more interesting. The rest of the fill is meh. PERYEAR... OLDTOWN... BONAMI... READON?! I liked the clue for OCTET, which should have come faster than it did. The clue for 67A (Common-sense) threw me, as I was not expecting the adjective form that the dash implies. A number of abbreviations add to the lack of interest (ETS, SPEC, CERT, PRES, ADM). Meh overall.

  2. 14:22
    I never heard of Cary ELWES of "The Princess Bride," but I'm sure I'd recognize the person since I love that movie. EGADS? I've heard that, but isn't it usually egad? Anyway, no problem for me either way. Fine puzzle overall.