Monday, February 2, 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2015, David Steinberg

This n' That

Overall, I thought this was a more "normal" Steinberg puzzle, making it a good fit for Sunday. My reaction to the theme was hot 'n' cold. I liked 71A. Venti, vignt or zwanzig? (FOREIGNTWENTY), but was less fond of 17D Feathers, pointy bill, long legs, etc.? (HERONMAKEUP).

There were some fun clues, like 28A. Square meal? (RAVIOLI), 59A. Man of letters? (SAJAK), 2D. Three-vowel word that sounds like a fourth vowel (EAU), and 122D. Bit of old French bread (ECU). I liked BUFF (24D. Aficionado), FOSSIL (9D. Old Fogy), and FLORID (40A. Red-faced) in the center north segment, and their neighbor, 15D. Unceremonious removal (HEAVEHO). I enjoyed seeing Mr. Asimov mentioned (39D. Like Isaac Asimov), but it took some crosses before I knew what to enter (PROLIFIC) as he did so many things.

As happens with some regularity, I was duped by the clue that refers to one of its own letters, as in 111D. Circular opening? (SOFTC). When will I learn? The only clue/answer pair I can remember not liking was 104A. Like a dutiful sentry (ONPOST) - valid perhaps, but awkward.

We are late with this review due to a presentation by the NFL (43A. Patriots' and Seahawks' org.) It was MEATPIES and OUNCEs instead of puzzles for us tonight.

Go Pats!

~ Frannie


  1. 75:17
    MEATPIES - funny answer but gross. COFFINWHEEZE and KRAKENPEEL were my favorite theme answers, although I guess that FISSIONCHIPS is up there, too. ALCOPOP (38A Smirnoff Ice, e.g.) took a long time, even though I had the POP part early (excellent Asimov clue/answer). The only real bit of difficulty that I had with this solve was the APOLO/OPA/DAVIDLEAN crosses. Eventually I remembered Mr. Ohno's name and its odd spelling. RATSNEST (132A Mess) was another favorite in this puzzle. Anyway, a good, fun Sunday. What, there was a game?

  2. I didn't mind this one too much. Some of the theme answers were much better than others, i.e., FISSIONCHIPS and FOREMANFUNCTION. Funny that RAMADA showed up the day after I entered it incorrectly for Canada.