Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015, Will Treece


After starting out with a couple of obscure names (for me, anyway), TODD (1A: Chuck of "Meet the Press" and CATT (5A: Suffragist Carrie Chapman ____), this one picked up nicely. Leave it to a crossword puzzle constructor to come up with an edited version of band names. And to be honest, it's nice to see them all spelled "correctly." Especially LINCOLNPARK (26D: "Meterora" band, to an overzealous copy editor?). Linkin Park just always seemed so wrong. 

There were a couple of answers I didn't especially love - ARRAY doesn't seem like a particularly "56A: Impressive display," for instance, and HIPS (38A: They move around a lot at a square dance) don't move any more than other body parts (feet, say) at a square dance.

But overall, I enjoyed this while I was doing it, even though the only band I knew for sure was THEBEETLES (18A: "Rubber Soul" group, to an overzealous copy editor?). As I look through it now, I think the NE corner has too much URL, STE and ESS, but, well... I like that they define ITERATE (29A: Go over again) for us, and not "re-iterate," as most people say. And I love TANG (1D: Kool-Aid alternative)... so... oh, it's late... let's call it a draw.

- Horace

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  1. 8:03. My favorite is DEAFLEOPARD. That's funny. TODD and CATT to begin the puzzle is no way to start off. And what's with 65A: Delhi order? (SARI). Is it that a woman might order a sari? Why a sari and not, say, a samosa? Which I would like a lot more, anyway? Mmmmm... samosas...