Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016, Paolo Pasco


I like the unusual layout of the theme answers, and that they occupy both Across and Down space. Really fills out the grid nicely. I also like the detail of not having the letters "IT" appear anywhere else in the puzzle. The IT theme itself is a tad bland, but it's not offensive, and it's well executed, so I'm giving IT a thumbs up. (And a rating of B.)

The fill has some crosswordese (STYES, OJS, OKS, DRNO, ALI, ALOU), but there was some tension generated by wondering whether it would be "avers" or AVOWS for 25D: Boldly states, and I can never remember exactly things like ATP (22D: Org. for Nadal and Federer) and ACC (56A: Duke's athletic grp.), so I needed crosses there, but luckily, it's Monday, they were not long in coming.

My favorite clue/answer today is 51A: Gesture of sarcastic support (GOLFCLAP). I had never heard the term before, but instantly understood it and instantly LOL'd. That's some quality material. Also enjoyed CARTRIP, IMISSYOU, SNICKERS, and the LOMBARDI reference. So timely the day after the Super Bowl.

Solid Monday.

- Horace


  1. 5:34
    Surprisingly tough for a Monday, and I enjoyed it for the most part, although I winced at both OKS and OJS in the same grid. GOLFCLAP is amazing! Never heard it used like this. I was thinking it was going to be "Slow clap". See Shia LaBeouf clapping on YouTube for the idea. Anyway, overall I liked it too.

  2. 7:45
    I didn't notice a rating for 1A (FROM), which I would give a D. I loved the reference to Buffy (SLAYER), a series that I watched with Sue in its entirety. I also enjoy a CATALYST (27A What sets things in motion), first learning about them with my Skilcraft chemistry set at a very young age. I believe that I used cobalt chloride as the catalyst, mixing it with hydrogen peroxide to produce heat (of course) and pure oxygen. I didn't star anything, typical for a Monday.