Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday, January 26, 2018, Caleb Madison


I ran out of time today. I had to get some answers from Horace so I could finish the puzzle and get the review out before the clock strikes midnight. I'm not sure I could have finished even if I had more time. Mr. Madison and I do not appear to be on the same clue/answer wavelength. I was able to fill in the bottom half of the grid, but on the way to the top, my ability to figure out the answers MAKESAUTURN - and not in a good way. I didn't  know TORTA, NYRANGERS, EROS, CARRERE, or LORDE in the north east. I should have been able to get SPLIT and SITINON (among others) but I had tried so  many different guesses up there that I had some wrong letters stranded in the grid and wrong-headed notions stuck in my mind. In the north west, it was KARATEKID, ANION, and AKON for the block.


Sharp-looking footwear (STILETTOS) was nice, likewise "Act without originality" for COVERBAND, but generally speaking, I found the clues in this puzzle less apt than I like. In particular, I didn't like "Dead" for INANIMATE or "Sloppy planting job?" for WETKISS. And, I might clue both KIDDO and REUNE as WORDVOMIT.



  1. 14:03
    Yeah, getting NYRANGERS early really broke it open for me. I liked the nine-stacks, including the ones you mention, and I'll add ABERRANCE to the plus side of things. Also liked TAOISTS.

  2. 9:02
    This has been a good week for me. This is likely due to my increasing my daily regimen from one puzzle to five, to gear up for an upcoming competition. I regret that this has limited my time for commenting on this site.

  3. 15:37
    This went surprisingly smoothly for me. SISTERWIVES is, unfortunately, a show that Sue and I watched for a while, so that went right in. EELERS was one of the tougher answers for me today, even though it makes frequent appearances. COVERBAND was excellent.