Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wednesday, January 24, 2018, Kathy Weinberg


Ms. Weinberg has at three long answers for today's theme by adding the letters AT to the ends of them. The added letters convert common things to less commons things described by funny clues. My favorite, for both clue and answer, is MAMMOTHCAVEAT (Big but?). Ha! HONEYCOMBAT (Fight between two lovers?) is also good.

The top corner kicks ASPS into even deeper dislike by pointing out that adding a "w" to the beginning turns it into another kind of menace - as if we needed another reason not to like asps. I had to take a second look at UPONE at 36A (Barely leading) in the grid before being able to parse it out. Same with ASAMI (Likewise) at 1D. You don't hear 'likewise' every day. I think it should make a come back.

Other fill that LEAPT off the page for me includes PRIMP, TRAMPLED, and EMBROILED. I also enjoyed the self-referential clue "Member of a crossword zoo?" (EMU) at 24A. And, interesting that "Bullies" and COWS are synonyms, one acting, the other acted upon.

We appear to be graced with a mini royal theme as well: SIRE, ORB, TIARA, and ASCOT.


If I were a DANE, I would say nej tak to AXIL. Likewise EUR.



  1. 10:34
    I tried "eel" immediately for the crossword zoo entry, but I guess they don't usually have sea creatures at a zoo. I guess I'll have to wait for the "crossword aquarium" clue.

    I also loved MAMMOTHCAVEAT. That's hilarious. I'm going to start using that at meetings. "My current plan has one mammoth caveat..."

  2. 12:05
    What's an "estate car?" Nice review, Frannie, especially the incorporation of likewise at the end. Also interesting that telEvisIon fits where SCREENTIME belongs; I tried that first. Shout out to DRWHO, which is never shortened like that. Should TSARS be part of the mini royal theme? Or were they not considered to be royals?

    1. Good catch, Huygens. TSARS should be included. Weren't they all inter-related? And funny about DRWHO. I was wondering why the clue specified "informally." Seemed perfectly fine to me. Now I understand. Of course, I have yet to see a single Doctor Who episode.